1969 Yenko Camaro For Sale
Double COPO!!
427/425 HP - 4 Speed
Rallye Green

  First Trade Registry of Maryland has found another rare one! This is a 1969 Yenko SYC Camaro that is a very limited production vehicle equipped from the factory as a Double COPO. This includes the 9561 option which is the High Performance Package with the L72 427/425hp engine which was engineered for drag racing. Also, the 9737 option which is the sports car conversion. Another rarity, this Yenko is one of the few that were sold out of the Don Yenko's Canonsburg, Pa. Dealership. Most were sent to other dealers.

  There were 30 Rallye Green Yenko's built and only 2 were ordered with a 4 Speed Transmission, Vinyl Top, Power Steering and Power Disc Brakes. In Addition, This is only Rallye Green Yenko known to have the X-11 style trim and Z-23 special interior. The car comes documented with original invoice and order form from Yenko Chevrolet, warranty transfer document and COPO connection certificate.

According to the documents, it was ordered as a Stripe "Delete"..which has got to be rare. The restorer decided to use stripes, but they are only vinyl and can be easily removed if so desired. A rotisserie restoration completed about 2 1/2 years ago and the car looks as new. If you are a Yenko Collector and are looking for a rare Muscle Car? You may have found it here. Please e-mail or call 410-596-0500 (cell) or 410-239-7344 for more details. Copies of documents can be provided upon request.

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