1958 Corvette For Sale Doug Engels - 5 Year Project...Body off Frame...NEW ONLY (1,500 Break in Miles) Best Appearing Show-Street Car / Won Best Engineered Award at Car Craft - Street Machine Summer Nationals Auto Show Minneapolis MN.  This 1958 Corvette is NOT A PRO-TOURING OR PRO-STREET.... From 1 to 10 rating, with a 10 being a Trailer Queen, this is a 9 SHOW CAR.

Every year you will find Four thousand to Five thousand cars @ Car Craft Street - Machine Summer Nationals. His 1958 Corvette WON BEST ENGINERED..... Out of all those cars!!!!..... COOL PART OF OWNING THIS VETTE.... Whoever becomes the New Owner of this 1958 Corvette.... it will be YOUR CAR as it has rarely been shown or judged.... YOU CAN WIN THE AWARDS!

Trophy winning paint and appearance, with meticulous attention to detail!!! Complete Show Quality Machine... YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPOINTED AND WILL NOT FIND ANOTHER CORVETTE LIKE THIS ONE.

We're car people who love what we do!  Our passion and attention to detail set us apart!   I SPECIALIZE IN "NERVOUS" INTERNET BUYERS

Call Dennis 954-755-2444 FOR INFORMATION:  Im willing to work with you anyway possible to put the deal together for the owner and you.  I will accommodate you in any way I can.

NO EXPENSE SPARED IN BULDING THIS CAR. You have to have the time, dedication, talent and money to build this one of a kind powerful engineered corvette.

***Too stunning to RACE, this 58 Corvette is Absolutely Immaculate Drop Dead Gorgeous Corvette Titled as 1958 Corvette with correct VIN#, tagged with South Dakota License Plates, ****Insured and STREET LEGAL.

Builder Doug Engels Built this 1958 Corvette for the guy who wants the fastest street legal show car! Built for Show... Street / Strip Car!!!.... Everything on this corvette is either powder coated, anodized or chrome. A lot of stuff underneath the car that are Chrome; the A Frames for lower suspension on front end are Chrome, the transmission cross members are Chrome, all four link stuff on rear end is Chrome, the wheelie bars are Chrome......WAY TO MUCH TO LIST.... BIG DOLLARS SPENT BUILDING THIS ONE OF A KIND VETTE.... IT LOOKS AS GOOD ON THE BOTTOM AS IT DOES ON THE TOP.

Builder Doug Engels Known For His UNIQUE CORVETTES with....30 Years Building Experience

MOTOR:  Approximately 700 to 750 Horse Power! Motor is a 406 Cubic Inch small block. Dart Aluminum Block with Dart Aluminum Cylinder Heads. A lot of money was spent on the cooling system and fan/radiator set up. On 100 degree day it is hard to make this 58 Corvette run 160 degrees. Three runs at track quarter mile in 8.48 seconds at 160 mph thru the mufflers. That time was on a very mild tune-up and the car is capable of 7:90's.

NITROUS SYSTEM: It is a Nitrous Express Nitrous system adjustable up to 300 horse.


TRANSMISSION: is Liberty Clutchless 5 Speed.

FRAME / Entire Chassis: is all round tube chrome moly tubing. Complete Chassis is powder coated in dark Gray Metallic. Strut front end and strut front suspension. 4 link rear with coil-over, 456 rear gear

WHEELS: Front Wheels are American Spindle Mount 15 x 3.5, and Rear Bogart wheels 15 x 15

BRAKES: Four Wheel Disc Brakes... Mark Williams Brand Top of the Line

DOOR PANELS and REAR TUBING are clear anodized aluminum. Top of dash is all stock, gauge cluster is made out of aluminum with Auto Meter tach and gauges.

CHASSIS: and tin work constructed by Bill Harris, Nebraska City Nebraska

ALL THE COMPONENTS: on this 1958 Corvette are Top Quality Components from Jerry Bickel Race Cars.  NHRA, ADRL, IHRA Drag Racing Chassis Builder Jerry Bickel is your One Stop Chassis Shop for quality Drag Racing Performance Auto Parts and Race Car. http://www.jerrybickel.com/

EXHAUST: Spin tech Exhaust System 4 inch oval shaped exhaust.

SEATS: Are carbon fiber with vinyl covers.

LIGHTS: All headlights, brake and signal lights work. No horn or Wipers.

Can run on pump gas if detune motor, but it likes race gas.


Owners 1957 Corvette was built only for Track/Racing. His 1966 Corvette is being put together for racing next year.

Doug Engels Racing Super Stocker 30 Years of Building Cars.... SEE PHOTOS OF HIS 1957 Corvette



Teaser Shots of Doug Engels Immaculate 1957 Corvette Super Stocker



Doug Engels Living Out Dream with 1957 Corvette Super Stocker http://www.competitionplus.com/drag-racing/news/19032-engels-living-out-dream-with-57-vette-super-stocker


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