Another exclusive auction by First Trade Registry. This is documented 2 owner, 1972 Camaro Z-28 is a true SURVIVOR!  Check this out on the photo page: Original paint, Original interior, Original numbers matching VIN stamped engine and transmission!  Look carefully at the pictures, you will find that you keep coming back to this car. The sheer beauty of an original unrestored Camaro Z-28 straight from the factory, is really a sight to behold.  This properly cared for vehicle with documented history and impeccable original detail, can be a prize for the most discriminating collector.


The body is fabulous, with original paint and detail.  There are a few areas that were touched up by the original owner with normal, over the counter touch-up.  But car is unmolested, and you discover new detail every time you look at it.  It is a model of what a restored car "Should" look like with the original patina and coloring of a factory built car....not some over restored trailer queen.

Like the outside, the interior is near mint. It feels and smells like new.  It is obvious this car never sat out in bad weather and was always garaged.


The engine is the original Z/28 spec 350, that is original to the car.  The VIN stamp is very clear in the photos. The transmission is stamped as well, and is the original unit. The 4 ORIGINAL TIRES are with this car!!!  Note the one on the spare, we have the other three original OEM tires that came on the car when delivered.


Please look at the pictures of the hand written records of the mileage, gas purchases and maintenance records, which further documents the cars history. Other original items: the original PDI from the Chevrolet dealer, the original Protect-O-Plate....Outrageous!!!! Thanks for your interest. If you have any questions at all..Please contact me at your convenience. Phones call are preferred if you want to discuss $$...Thanks again.

Seller Disclaimer - The following disclaimer was added at the request of the seller.. 

The seller will make himself available at anytime during the auction for vehicle inspections. He will point out the engine numbers, VIN, dataplate and engine stampings etc. He does not guarantee that the engine or any other component on the vehicle is in fact the original or correct part for the car. Further, the seller cannot guarantee the originality of this vehicle which includes but is not limited to the engine, transmission, matching numbers, color, data tags or documentation. Unfortunately, the potential for restamped engines and reproduced trim/data tags exist in the Classic Car market today. The entire risk as to the originality of the vehicle and inspection before it is purchased, is the responsibility of the buyer.

The buyer must represent that he/she has had the opportunity or has had the vehicle inspected prior to purchase. The buyer accepts the vehicle with all advertised equipment, options and assessories in "AS IS" condition with any faults or defects. The buyer will bear all future costs of repairing or correcting any defects that exist or may occur in the future. The seller, will have no responsibilty or liability for any consequential damages or injury caused by any failure or malfunction of the vehicle or any components. This car is being offered for sale in Fairfax, Virginia. The buyer and seller acknowledge that the transaction was consummated in Fairfax, Virginia and agree that in the event of any dispute or disagreement between them relating to the agreement of sale, the laws of the State of Virginia shall govern the rights and duties under the agreement and that the signing of said agreement shall be construed to have occurred in Fairfax,Virginia 22030.


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