New 1973 Corvette Coupe Custom, Professionally Built with Big Block 454 Ė 600 HP. . . This car Pins the 160 MPH Speedo. This one of a kind vette was professionally built and owned by a master mechanic, and was completely stripped of original paint with No Body work under paint, and has the best of everything.  NO RUST - NO ROT FRAME. . .New 2 year old restoration with approximately 2,000 miles.
BELOW, the Photo Gallery of 167 Crystal Clear Pictures for those who Seek Extreme Detailed pictures for potential purchase, and investment.
Please preview all 167 Pictures as they will tell you everything you need to know, then Call Me with Your QUESTIONS and to Discuss PURCHASE PRICE.
Paint House of color Candy Apple Red over Silver with 16 coats of paint and clear coat. Entirely stripped and epoxy primed no bodywork underneath.
Hundreds of little parts I canít even begin to list.  Way too much to list. Can you Guess what the $$$$$ Cost is in PARTS and LABOR to Build this Outrageous, Gorgeous Corvette Investment?  YOU WILL BE THE ONLY KID ON YOUR BLOCK THAT OWNS ONE. . . . THERE IS NOTHING TO HIDE ON THIS INCREDIBLE MACHINE!

But I will try to go through the engine, SRP Forged Racing Pistons 60 over .125 dome. Eagle Specialty Performance H rods and the best steel crank. Fully balanced with new flywheel and harmonic balancer.  Aprox 10.75 compression.  Combustion chambers polished, and ccíed ported and polished cast iron rectangular port heads.  Crane full roller cam, hydraulic lifters, full roller rockers, 1,200 rpm idle, and no eye burning exhaust when stopped.  Smooths out at 2,000 rpms.  Edelbrock Victor Intake cold air under carb. Aprox $6,000 into engine. Double roller type chain, oil pump etc.  Not to mention all that labor by an experienced restorer that knows what parts to use and what parts suck.  Rendering this animal actually dependable.  Could be a daily driver in fact it was for almost a year.  This is a one of a kind car.  This is the 18th stingray the owner has restored.
New rear bumpers $600
New wind shield $250
New front bumper
New Chrome tint on windows, windshield fully tinted feint chrome good at night $200. 
New marker lamps
New Bubble tail lamps
New door handles, New license plate and emblems  
New Complete Suspension restored Urethane bushings.   
New tires 295/50/15 $130 each
New Rear differential rebuilt $1,200
New Headlamp actuators and switch and vac. valves new $500.00.
Entire interior either new or restored   
New Completely Rebuilt A/C System and heater box restored,  . . . Including Evaporator heater core compressor, doors and all valves and hoses. New COLD air-conditioning blows hard. $2,000. 
New Hi torque starter with starter relay starts hot no matter what.
New Chrome alternator built up to 120 amps. To compensate for radiator fans and New Holley electric fuel pump $400
New Trans cooler with its own fan $300 
New Aluminum radiator with duel fans $1,500
New Complete Brakes and all components new $2,000
New L-88 Hood $600
New Hooker chrome header side pipes with glass packs 2  1/8 ď pipes out of each cylinder $1,600. 
New All power steering components new $1,000
New Holley 4150 racing carb 950 cfm professionally dialed in. Great drivability $1,000
New MSD ignition system within car timing controller and 7,000 rpm soft limiter for optimum performance under all driving conditions.$1,400. 
Tranís turbo 400 fresh with high performance second gear assy. B&M 3,000 stall 10Ē convertor $2,500 
Motor is a .060 over 454 cid approximately 600 hp pulls right up to 6,500 rpms no ping on high test.
Motor pans and Trans pan are chrome and donít leak.
All grounds have been cleaned inspected and fused. 
Chrome fire extinguisher.
Comes with all new gauges.
Regular CD player with 4 good coax speakers up front.
Somewhat uncomfortable in the Auction world or Internet world...Please call me; I'm willing to work with you anyway possible to put the deal together for the owner and you. Iíll accommodate you in any way I can.  Please call me with questions...or, to discuss purchase price or taking delivery!!!  Dennis 954-755-2444
Call, Sorry NO E-mails.... 
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Delivery to your Door, Financing and Insurance.
****EXPORT and Worldwide Delivery**** Financing, 23 Years Experience 
Please Call... Dennis for asking Price 954-755-2444

Each Partner/Member operates their Own Independently owned...
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1973Corvette454002.jpg 1973Corvette454003.jpg 1973Corvette454005.jpg 1973Corvette454006.jpg
1973Corvette454007.jpg 1973Corvette454008.jpg 1973Corvette454011.jpg 1973Corvette454012.jpg
1973Corvette454015.jpg 1973Corvette454016.jpg 1973Corvette454018.jpg 1973Corvette454023.jpg
1973Corvette454030.jpg 1973Corvette454031.jpg 1973Corvette454032.jpg 1973Corvette454033.jpg
1973Corvette454034.jpg 1973Corvette454035.jpg 1973Corvette454036.jpg 1973Corvette454037.jpg
1973Corvette454038.jpg 1973Corvette454039.jpg 1973Corvette454040.jpg 1973Corvette454041.jpg
1973Corvette454042.jpg 1973Corvette454044.jpg 1973Corvette454046.jpg 1973Corvette454048.jpg
1973Corvette454050.jpg 1973Corvette454051.jpg 1973Corvette454052.jpg 1973Corvette454053.jpg
1973Corvette454054.jpg 1973Corvette454055.jpg 1973Corvette454056.jpg 1973Corvette454057.jpg
1973Corvette454058.jpg 1973Corvette454059.jpg 1973Corvette454060.jpg 1973Corvette454061.jpg
1973Corvette454062.jpg 1973Corvette454064.jpg 1973Corvette454065.jpg 1973Corvette454066.jpg
1973Corvette454067.jpg 1973Corvette454069.jpg 1973Corvette454070.jpg 1973Corvette454071.jpg
1973Corvette454073.jpg 1973Corvette454074.jpg 1973Corvette454076.jpg 1973Corvette454077.jpg
1973Corvette454078.jpg 1973Corvette454079.jpg 1973Corvette454080.jpg 1973Corvette454081.jpg
1973Corvette454082.jpg 1973Corvette454083.jpg 1973Corvette454084.jpg 1973Corvette454085.jpg
1973Corvette454086.jpg 1973Corvette454088.jpg 1973Corvette454089.jpg 1973Corvette454092.jpg
1973Corvette454094.jpg 1973Corvette454095.jpg 1973Corvette454097.jpg 1973Corvette454099.jpg
1973Corvette454102.jpg 1973Corvette454103.jpg 1973Corvette454104.jpg 1973Corvette454108.jpg
1973Corvette454109.jpg 1973Corvette454110.jpg 1973Corvette454112.jpg 1973Corvette454113.jpg
1973Corvette454114.jpg 1973Corvette454115.jpg 1973Corvette454116.jpg 1973Corvette454120.jpg
1973Corvette454121.jpg 1973Corvette454123.jpg 1973Corvette454128.jpg 1973Corvette454129.jpg
1973Corvette454130.jpg 1973Corvette454134.jpg 1973Corvette454136.jpg 1973Corvette454137.jpg
1973Corvette454138.jpg 1973Corvette454141.jpg 1973Corvette454143.jpg 1973Corvette454145.jpg
1973Corvette454147.jpg 1973Corvette454148.jpg 1973Corvette454149.jpg 1973Corvette454150.jpg
1973Corvette454151.jpg 1973Corvette454152.jpg 1973Corvette454153.jpg 1973Corvette454156.jpg
1973Corvette454159.jpg 1973Corvette454160.jpg 1973Corvette454161.jpg 1973Corvette454162.jpg
1973Corvette454164.jpg 1973Corvette454169.jpg 1973Corvette454170.jpg 1973Corvette454171.jpg
1973Corvette454172.jpg 1973Corvette454173.jpg 1973Corvette454174.jpg 1973Corvette454175.jpg
1973Corvette454176.jpg 1973Corvette454177.jpg 1973Corvette454180.jpg 1973Corvette454183.jpg
1973Corvette454184.jpg 1973Corvette454185.jpg 1973Corvette454186.jpg 1973Corvette454189.jpg
1973Corvette454190.jpg 1973Corvette454191.jpg 1973Corvette454192.jpg 1973Corvette454193.jpg
1973Corvette454194.jpg 1973Corvette454195.jpg 1973Corvette454196.jpg 1973Corvette454197.jpg
1973Corvette454198.jpg 1973Corvette454199.jpg 1973Corvette454200.jpg 1973Corvette454201.jpg
1973Corvette454202.jpg 1973Corvette454205.jpg 1973Corvette454206.jpg 1973Corvette454214.jpg
1973Corvette454216.jpg 1973Corvette454217.jpg 1973Corvette454220.jpg 1973Corvette454221.jpg
1973Corvette454224.jpg 1973Corvette454225.jpg 1973Corvette454226.jpg 1973Corvette454227.jpg
1973Corvette454229.jpg 1973Corvette454230.jpg 1973Corvette454233.jpg 1973Corvette454235.jpg
1973Corvette454238.jpg 1973Corvette454239.jpg 1973Corvette454244.jpg 1973Corvette454246.jpg
1973Corvette454247.jpg 1973Corvette454248.jpg 1973Corvette454249.jpg 1973Corvette454253.jpg
1973Corvette454254.jpg 1973Corvette454255.jpg 1973Corvette454256.jpg 1973Corvette454261.jpg
1973Corvette454266.jpg 1973Corvette454271.jpg 1973Corvette454273.jpg 1973Corvette454274.jpg
1973Corvette454276.jpg 1973Corvette454277.jpg 1973Corvette454278.jpg