1966 Chevelle SS 396 / 375 HP, 4 Speed M21, VIN #138 Real Car. For Sale By Owner! RARE 1966…. “QUALITY” Chevrolet Chevelle SUPERSPORT, Maroon Exterior Paint, with Red Interior in top quality condition and may be original. This car was in storage for the past 10 Years in temperature controlled environment WOW, talk about a rare car. Check out the straight body, floor pan, frame, and trunk. All chrome and trim in great condition.

The Photo Gallery of 167 Crystal Clear Pictures are for those who Seek Extreme Detailed pictures for potential purchase and investment. They will tell the whole story! DN

She is all fresh and ready to run. Motor top end just completely done along with other mechanical upgrades with receipts! New Radiator, Holley carb, Edelbrock intake, cam and lifter kit, double roller timing chain kit, Hurst competition shifter, and transmission just REBUILT. New Headers with brand new custom Flowmaster exhaust. After market AM/FM Cassette Bow Tie Radio.


ST 03C 0125

TR 66 – 13817  KAN  9686 BDY

747 A C-C PNT (Car was original white)

This 1966 Chevelle SS 396 / 375 HP, 4 Speed is For Sale By Owner and PERFORMS AS STRONG AS THEY COME.

For BEST PRICE, Questions, Concerns or General Inquiry, Please feel free to Contact the Partner / Member on the Business Card you have, or from the AD where you saw this car advertised. Before you send or give anyone any money, Get a Copy of Title to Vehicle.


Please call me day or evening, including “weekends”!!

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