1966 Ford 427
Completely rebuilt 1966 427 side oiler block that was built to run on the street.  It has 10.5 compression and a solid lifter H 282 Competition Cam with lightweight shell lifters.  It has .030 TRW Forged pistons, Lemans Rods, Steel 427 Crankshaft, Medium Riser Heads that have hardened seats and Stainless Steel Valves.  It has a windage tray, 7 quart Ford 427 oil pan, new timing chain, 427 Ford Sidewinder Intake Manifold, a new H.P fuel pump and timing chain cover.  The motor was balanced and includes the Harmonic Balancer.  This engine is perfect for your Thunderbolt Clone, Cobra, Mustang, Fairlane or any Hi-Performance Ford.

Priced at $13,500

Call Bernie 410-239-7344 or e-mail vintageaut@aol.com with questions. Engine is in Carroll County, Maryland
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