The Aero Commander Model 560 is noted for it's short field performance, rugged landing gear suitable for rough field operation and its ability to handle heavy loads.  The Twin Commander was the aircraft selected to fly President Eisenhower from the grass strip on his Gettysburg, PA farm to DC during his presidency, which testifies to the reputation of the airframe.
How does this sound? -  7 people (@170 lbs/person), full fuel (145 gallons) and 120 lbs in the baggage compartment without exceeding gross weight limit! The Model 560 has a very broad Center of Gravity Envelope for easy loading.  It has a single point fuel filler for the 5 tanks.  No tank switching or fuel transfers required during flights. This is a great flying airplane.  This airplane has what appears to be the original interior, so it is rather dated and worn, but is functional.  The current owners have used the airplane primarily for medical mercy missions since acquiring the airplane in June of 2001.  Easy removal of seats permits room for a stretcher-bound passenger, seating for attending medical personnel, along with pilot and copilot.

This is a great flying airplane.  There is a lot of good flying hours left in this aircraft.  It can be flown as is, or it would be an excellent candidate for a restoration, or even conversion to the a Shrike configuration (see  Currently the paint is about a 6 on a scale of 1-10 and the interior is about a 4 on a scale of 1-10.

Aircraft Location: Culpeper County Airport (KCJR), Culpeper, Virginia

Reason for selling:  Insurance requirements limit the organization to a handful of volunteer pilots being available to fly the airplane so usage is limited.

Aero Commander Model 560 manufactured in 1955.  Registration Number N2705B.  Serial Number 205.  Total Time Airframe: 6406 hours.
Aircraft owned by Pilots For Christ, International (Virginia Chapter) since June 2001.  Engine Time Since Major Overhaul: 1005 hours.
Engines are Lycoming Model GO-480-B, 270 horsepower.  Airframe Logs since 1965.
Propellers Total Time Since Overhaul: 25 hours.  (3 Blade Hartzell) Recent new tires.  Recent new brakes.
Some damage history (see
Annual inspection expires February 28, 2007.  All Airworthiness Directives complied with.

Max Gross Weight = 6000 lbs.
Useful Load = 1955 lbs.

Engine Compression measured at recent annual inspection:
Left Engine:
#1 - 75/80; #2 - 78/80; #3 - 80/80; #4 - 75/80; #5 - 80/80; #6 - 80/80
Right Engine:
#1 - 78/80; #2 - 79/80; #3 - 80/80; #4 - 75/80; #5 - 80/80; #6 77/80

The spar cap NDT inspection was completed in 2000 and over 300 hours remain before it must be repeated

Older Collins Comm (VHF251-TSO) and Nav (VIR551-TSO) radios.  All working condition.
Number 1 NAV radio has glideslope.  Pitot-static system certification due August 2006.
New compass recently installed.  ADF performance is questionable.
New Janitrol Cabin Heater installed about 5 years ago.

Fuel Capacity is 145 gallons.  The current owner's operational experience indicates:

Average cruise fuel consumption of 27 gallons per hour @ 2500 RPM and 20 in/Hg manifold pressure, yielding approximately 145 knots True Air Speed.
Average cruise fuel consumption of 35 gallons per hour @ 2800 RPM and 21.5 in/Hg manifold pressure, yielding approximately 165 knots True Air Speed.

The current owner rarely operated the aircraft above the economy cruise setting shown above.

Contact: Skip Hartman @ 540-967-3886, or cell phone 804-878-1926.  Please call to arrange to view the airplane.

You can also email me with any questions you might have -

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