Another quality aircraft being offered by - Dominion Air Services - Gordonsville- Virginia
BD4  Airplane for sale - This airplane was built by the owner and will be delivered with a fresh annual
inspection.  It was signed off for flight in May 1997.  Construction time was 6.5 years.  These are great
performing planes, but not for the low time pilot.  The owner says if you ever see 80 mph on the airspeed
indicator you better be on the ground!

Empty Weight Approx 1300 lbs

Max Gross Approx 2500 lbs

Useful Load Approx 1200 lbs

Here are some of the unique features of this particular airplane:

  1. Wingspan extended 6 feet (increases cruise speed and service ceiling).
  2. Storage in the tubular main spar.
  3. Aluminum wings (some BD4s have been built with fiberglass wings).
  4. Heavier than standard nose gear assembly.
  5. Heavier than standard main gear assemblies.
  6. Longer than standard backseat side windows.
  7. Additional small side windows behind the backseat side windows.
  8. Landing light in each wingtip.
  9. Warp Drive 4 blade propeller, ground adjustable, graphite composite blades, very quiet.
  10.  0-320 Lycoming 0-2-B model engine 160 HP
  11. Electric ground tug goes with the airplane.
  12. Castering nose wheel.
  13. 50 gallons fuel capacity (25 gallons per wing tank).
  14. Flaps have 4 positions.
  15. Doors are flip up doors for easy exit/entry.
  16. Rudder trim.
  17. Elevator trim.
  18. RV4 cowling for better aerodynamics (looks much better than standard BD4 cowling, too).
  19. The muffler is a modified C172 muffler
Engine was overhauled before installation so it has about 125 hours since major overhaul.

Backseat is suitable for 2 children or 1 adult.  Two adults in the back is a pretty tight fit.

This design has the stabilator rear control surfaces.  There are 125 actual hours on the airplane (tach says 118).
The airplane has modern avionics. 2 VORs (1 glide slope) 2 Comm radios (Escort Combo).  PS Engineering Intercom.
Apollo SL40 Comm radio.  KT 76A transponder.

Current setting on the propeller is a combination "cruise/climb" setting that provides about 145 mph cruise
with a fuel burn of about 9-9.5 gallons per hour.

Owner admits his weak point in construction of the airplane was the paint.  It is red and repainting would be
nice, but it flies beautifully with the paint it has!  It really is a nice handling airplane.

Hebrew and Aramaic script on the side of the airplane cowling translates "Gift of God Almighty"

The owners of this airplane built it with intentions of using in God's service.  Owner/builder is retired
Army pilot who also spent several years in Africa as a missionary pilot with his wife.  They would love to see
the airplane find a home where it would be used in the Lord's service.  Owner is past president of Pilots For Christ, International
and current president of the Virginia Chapter of PCI.

Airplane is hangared at KCJR in Culpeper, VA, about 50 miles southwest of Washington DC's Dulles International

Please contact Skip Hartman to arrange to see and fly the airplane.

office phone 540-967-3886
cell phone 804-878-1926


Go HERE for lots of great information about BD-4's.

Please Note - The fuel leak that caused the stains on the wing in the picture has been repaired.  There are no leaks.  Also, if you know BD4's you know that the fiber glass wing BD4s have a chronic fuel leak problem. This plane has metal wings. The metal wing BD4's do NOT have the fuel problem.
bd4001trim.jpg bd4002trim.jpg bd4004trim.jpg bd4005trim.jpg bd4006trim.jpg
bd4007trim.jpg bd4008trim.jpg bd4009trim.jpg bd4010trimprop.jpg bd4010wordingtrim.jpg
bd4011trim.jpg bd4012trim.jpg bd4013trim.jpg bd4014trim.jpg bd4015trim.jpg
bd4016trim.jpg bd4017trim.jpg bd4018.jpg bd4019.jpg bd4020.jpg
bd4021.jpg bd4022.jpg bd4023.jpg bd4024.jpg bd4025.jpg
bd4026.jpg bd4027.jpg bd4028.jpg bd4029.jpg bd4031.jpg
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