1957 Chevrolet  Bel Air/150/210 Convertible ---- For Sale By Owner ---- Best Reasonable offer ---- SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY call to make your best offer. Please call me with questions...or, to discuss purchase price or taking delivery!
Body Off Frame Restored.
Seller is a developer that builds Million Dollar homes!
See Photo Gallery Below of 155 Crystal Clear Pictures. The PICS are for those that seek extremely detailed pictures for potential purchase and investment.
I love it when you have a Classic Car of this caliber/quality. The PICTURES TELL THE WHOLE STORY.
This classic is located in an Exclusive gated community in South Florida.
Somewhat uncomfortable in the Auction world or Internet world...
Please call me, I'm willing to work with you anyway possible to put the deal together for the owner and you. Iíll accommodate you in any way I can.  Please call me with questions...or, to discuss purchase price or taking delivery !!!  Dennis 954-755-2444
Worldwide Delivery to your Door, Financing and Insurance.
Call, Sorry NO E-mails.... Dnell88312@aol.com 
Need to Sell Your Classic or Special Interest Car.....
I can Help with Innovative Advertising, Marketing, and Consulting. First Trade Registry has Set the Standard for Classic & Collector Car Marketing, by providing you with a safe, smooth, efficient, and professional buying experience.
****EXPORT Worldwide**** Financing, 23 Years Experience 
Please Call... Dennis 954-755-2444
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